Patient Advocacy Consulting

We help organizations empower patients to take control of their healthcare with our patient advocacy expertise. Our approach unifies diverse stakeholders across sectors to help strengthen the voice of your patients and interconnect the collective goals and objectives of your organization.
Our Patient Advocacy offerings include:

  • Advisory Boards
  • Caregiver Education
  • Coalition Building
  • Corporate Roundtables
  • Meeting Management
  • Panel Discussion Development
  • Patient and Policy Education
  • Patient Workshops

Health Equity

Most mainstream healthcare stakeholders are isolated from deadly health equity disparities that affect those who belong to groups such as Black, LatinX, Asian Pacific Islander, Aging, Rural, and LBGTQ. Links2Equity helps your organization engage underrepresented groups with collaboration, education, and analytics that promote their collective well-being and help close the health equity gap by prioritizing health equity issues and supporting access to innovative treatment options.

Diversity Inclusion & Belonging Consulting

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging consulting encompasses patient advocacy organizations, professional societies, and organizations which experience unconscious bias at work and through their collaboration with diverse advocacy organizations, provides them the resources and tools to build lasting careers and job security. Successful patient advocacy includes the voices and experiences of all underrepresented groups, not just as patients, but in the workplace.

Words from Our Stakeholders