Links2Equity was built with the power of unity as the driving force behind our patient advocacy efforts. We employ innovative strategic methodologies that promote health equity and diversity among all groups and sectors within the healthcare ecosystem to build healthier communities.

Meet Deanna

Deanna Darlington is an Advocacy Relations Professional with more than 25 years of experience in government and external affairs, patient advocacy, policy, reimbursement consulting, and other related fields. She specializes in engaging patient advocacy organizations on access and policy issues which includes a focus on health disparities for vulnerable patient populations. Deanna works closely with advocates on key policy issues that support dialogue and engagement to patient access to quality care and value.

For 13 years, Deanna held various roles at Amgen Inc., that included policy and patient advocacy/alliance development. Deanna also served as Director of Reimbursement and Policy at a number of other Pharma companies. 

Before joining the biotech and biopharmaceutical industry, she served as the first Reimbursement Specialist for the American Society of Clinical Oncology where she staffed the Clinical Practice Committee and developed the State Affiliate Program under the Association’s Public Policy arm.

Deanna founded Links2Equity in 2021 after retiring from Amgen Inc. with the goal of serving patients and other healthcare stakeholders in all disease states and underrepresented communities such as Black, LatinX, Asian Pacific Islander, Aging, Rural, LBGTQ, and others.

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